Bruxism Treatment Can Alleviate Tooth & Jaw Pain

Tooth grinding and clenching are widespread occurrences. More than 90% of the population will experience these oral problems. But our team at Skyview Family & Cosmetic Dentistry may be able to help you put an end to it with bruxism treatment.

The types of bruxism you may be experiencing

Grinding can occur in the daytime or at night. In the day, grinding usually happens when you are stressed, frustrated, or amid serious concentration. At night, it happens while you’re asleep, completely unaware of what’s going on and unable to control it. This can cause you to experience numerous issues, including:

  • Worn-down tooth enamel
  • Weakened crowns & fillings
  • Sores on the insides of cheeks
  • Tiredness due to lack of sleep
  • Worn teeth
  • Headaches when you wake up
  • Pain in your jaw.

Your Aurora dentist’s bruxism solution

You can have mild bruxism, which means it only happens once in a while. However, if it becomes a recurring problem, then treatment in the form of a custom-made nightguard is probably the way to go. These night guards act as a barrier between teeth. It lessens the tensions and creates a cushion to jaw muscles.

Nightguards are available at the local pharmacy, but they don’t offer the same snug, comfortable fit that we can provide with one specially made to the dimensions of your smile. Depending on the shape of your teeth, we may advise some repairs due to damaged caused by griding.

Is it time for you to see us about bruxism treatment?

If ignored, bruxism can cause costly damage to your teeth. So, if you believe it is happening to you, give us a call. Don’t take your chances. Protect your investment in your smile!


Book Your Worry-Free Bruxism Visit Today

  • Get a full night’s rest
  • Avoid harmful damage to teeth
  • Stop morning headaches
  • Save on costly dental treatments
  • Prevent snoring.