CEREC Same-Day Crowns Give You Faster Results

Need a dental crown? Crowns are used in various ways to support oral health. They are a simple and effective procedure; the only downside is that you have to wait a couple of weeks for them to be made…or do you? Now, with the CEREC same-day crowns we offer, you can get your dental crown all in one office visit.

What are dental crowns?

Crowns are like special custom-fitted caps that dentists can make to sit over the top of an existing tooth. Maybe you have a tooth that has been damaged by an abscess, cavity, or is broken due to a dental injury. The tooth can’t survive well on its own, but it isn’t so far gone that your dentist recommends extraction. Dental crowns are specially made to go over the tooth, keeping it safe. Depending on the material you use, they can look natural and blend in with your other teeth.

The benefit of CEREC same-day crowns

The traditional dental crown placement involves preparing the site (including a root canal or any other necessary dental work). Your dentist may need to grind down or reshape the tooth as well so the crown can fit over it.

Once the site has been prepped, your dentist would take an impression and send the mould off to the lab where your custom tooth would be crafted. They might place a temporary crown in the meantime. About two weeks later, you come back for another visit to have the temporary crown removed and the permanent one placed.

CEREC same-day crowns eliminate all that bother. Your dentist simply uses an intraoral camera to take photos and create a digital impression of your teeth. The images are sent to a special machine in the office, where your crown is crafted onsite while you wait. Then they’ll cement it in place, and you can go about your merry way!

Ready for a restored smile?

Don’t let your oral health suffer because you’re worried about multiple dental visits. Visit us, your dentist in Aurora, and we’ll have your crown ready for you in one day!