Your Aurora Dentist Helps Out In Guatemala

My Skyview team and I recently returned from our annual dental humanitarian mission trip to Guatemala – and once again, it was a big success!

In case you missed out on last month’s blog … In February, we formed two teams to spend two weeks in very remote parts of the Central American country. Every year, since 2012, we join forces with Health Outreach, a non-profit Canadian organization dedicated to providing health services to people in developing countries.

This year, we hopped aboard a floating clinic (a pontoon boat) and travelled from village to village to put our dental skills to good use. 

How your Aurora dentist and your Skyview team helped … On average, we saw 103 children each day. We helped alleviate their dental pain and tried to provide as much educational information and preventive help as we could. It’s extremely rewarding to be able to stop their suffering and show them what life can be like when you have a healthy smile. Together, we also gathered donations for the community. 

Unfortunately, so many people in impoverished countries don’t have access to quality dental care. In Guatemala, more than half the population lives below the poverty line. It’s a beautiful place, but its residents face numerous challenges. Due to the lack of infrastructure, children get sick from gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses. The main dental issue is chronically infected teeth. Small cavities are ignored, which leads to infection and the eventual loss of the tooth. Whenever we can catch it before it reaches this stage, it’s a major win for our team. 

I want to thank my team for their ongoing commitment to this very important cause. I know your work will leave a lasting impact on the lives of these kids. They will always remember the time you showed care for their smile and their well-being. The happy looks on their faces say it all!

I’d also like to express my gratitude to Health Outreach for making our mission trip possible. The dental community is fortunate to work with a group that truly cares about improving the health of those less fortunate. I encourage you to explore their website at and donate if you can. 

Want to learn more about our trip? Feel free to ask during your next appointment at Skyview Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, your Aurora dentist! Our team members would be glad to share memories of their individual experiences. 

Yours in dental health, Dr. Ramzi Haddad