Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry can help you through major dental treatment, especially if you have a fear of the dentist's chair. At Skyview Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we champion pain-free dental techniques, including new technology and sedation, both designed to lessen anxiety and discomfort during treatment. Meet with us during a new patient consultation to learn about the many advantages of choosing us as your family’s dental care specialists. We’d love to keep your family smiling between visits to our office.

What Are the Benefits of Sleep Dentistry?

Instead of agonizing over every minute spent in the dentist's chair, you could enjoy a pleasurable feeling through sedation or even request to sleep through the entire dental procedure. Only a handful of dentists offer sleep dentistry, so finding one that caters to your needs begins with a search within your community. Make use of all available resources, such as family & friend referrals, a recommendation from a past dentist, and online reviews left by previous patients. Skyview Family & Cosmetic Dentistry is pleased to offer sleep dentistry for your ultimate comfort. Benefits include:

  • Choosing the level of sedation that is right for you
  • Forgetfulness of the procedure when sedation wears off
  • Anxiety-free dental visits
  • Reduction of gag reflex- a phenomenon that keeps many patients from seeing their dentist
  • Pain-free dentistry
  • Allows your dentist to work faster and offer multiple procedure visits
  • Helps patients overcome aversion to sights, sounds, and smells of the dentist office

Is Sleep Dentistry Expensive?

Sedation is an affordable add-on service that will improve your patient experience while visiting your dentist; therefore, it’s considered a must-have for many patients. The good news is that sedation only increases your dental bill by a small percentage, so it’s a cost-effective option for most patients. Speak with our team from Skyview Family & Cosmetic Dentistry about the types of sedation we offer and how we can make it fit your budget.

Sleep Dentistry Saves Teeth

If it’s been some time since your last dental visit due to fear or anxiety, sleep dentistry could mean the difference between getting the dental care you need and losing teeth over time. Our staff at Skyview Family & Cosmetic Dentistry highly recommends twice-annual office visits for cleaning, imaging, and consultation with our staff. Preventive treatments with sedation prevent costly procedures down the road, making them an excellent investment in your oral health.

More Beautiful Smiles

We keep smiles healthy and bright with a wide range of treatment options with sedation and sleep dentistry available for patients of all ages. Don’t let nervousness or fear keep you from sharing your best smiles with the world- we want to help you experience everything life has to offer you with a smile that makes a great first impression. Treatment starts with a new patient consultation at Skyview Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, but it doesn’t end there. See us every 4-6 months for ongoing preventive treatment in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

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