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Are you looking for an Oshawa dentist who offers all of the dental services you and your family need to maintain a healthy smile? While many dentists today are specializing in just one or two services that they offer to their clients, Dr. Peter at Dundas Dental still provides a full line of dental care to patients of every age.

At Dundas Dental, every member of your family can get the treatment they need for their teeth and oral health. Since you have different needs at each stage of your life, you’ll need dental care that is tailored to your mouth’s changing needs.

- For children: The Oshawa dentist understands all too well that the habits developed as a child can be the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and a lifetime of great oral health. At Dundas Dental, it is stressed that it is never too early to teach children the importance of good oral hygiene habits that include brushing properly and the need to floss every day.

An early consultation at the Oshawa dentist can ensure the proper development of the mouth and jaw for preventive measures down the road. Your child should have their first dental visit at about 3 years of age, when they begin to become cognitively aware. As children grow into teenagers, regular care remains essential. Orthodontics is often required to correct crooked teeth, large gaps, overbites and other issues.

- For adults: Young adults often experience problems with incoming wisdom teeth. In the case of problems, Dr. Peter can advise the patient as to whether extraction is required. As an adult, visiting the Oshawa dentist should be undertaken twice a year for the removal of plaque buildup, to prevent and repair cavities and to ensure that gums are healthy.

Cosmetic treatments are available to adults to perfect the smile- from bridges and crowns to veneers and whitening and even braces and implants, all are options to create a beautiful, bright smile.

- For seniors: Seniors may notice that as they age, their gums begin to lose their firmness and teeth may begin to fall out. Regular appointments can keep the teeth and gums healthy in the long term. Your Oshawa dentist can explain to you how certain medications may affect the oral health and what you can do to lessen or eliminate the impact.

Tooth loss can be addressed by a variety of options, with dental implants that both look and feel like your natural teeth, and partial dentures that can help you chew and prevent your teeth from shifting.

Dr. Peter at Dundas Dental can ensure that every member of your family will travel through each stage of life with its unique oral care needs while enjoying their brightest, whitest smile and optimum oral health. The Dundas Dental team is here to help you achieve a smile you can be proud to show off.

Book your free dental consultation at the Oshawa dentist by calling 905-721-1616 or visit DundasDental.ca to learn more about the types of treatments Dr. Peter and his team provide.
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